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What We Do


Knowledge Production

In this track, Benaa aims to build an open-source library containing applied knowledge on sustainable development through running three main activities: Translation, Localization and Simplification, and Dissemination.


BENAA is translating -into Arabic- the essential practical knowledge basis for all of BENAA’s activities, such as field of sustainable WASH, sustainable architecture


Localization and Simplification:

BENAA is converting and simplifying the translated knowledge into innovative and interactive materials to create interest among the target groups of this knowledge.


BENAA is publishing (online and offline) widely the prepared materials, and creating public awareness.


Capacity Building

In this track, BENAA utilizes the translated knowledge to prepare several trainings for youth who can build on the acquired knowledge for further actions through running three main trainings: Youth Activation Modules, Technical Modules, and Impact Modules.

BENAA Activation Module (BAM)

A two-days training aims at motivating the youth to envision better and sustainable life goals, and fosters their implementation on the ground.

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Technical Modules

We are offering several workshops and trainings in our different fields of work such as Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply, Architecture and rural development, etc. based on the knowledge that we have translated.

Impact Modules

A joint program that aims at empowering youth to start up local initiatives and projects in the field of environmental sustainability.


Participatory implementation

In this track BENAA empowers youth to implement community-led participatory projects in the following fields.


Architecture and Built Environments

Creating sustainable human settlements through environmentally responsible,  low cost architecture that serves as a  catalyst for social development.


Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

Protecting and preserving regional water resources through innovative prefabricated integrated water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

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Solid Waste Management

Empowering rural women and building their capacity through upcycling waste materials into artistic low-cost, high quality furniture units and accessories.

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Agriculture And Post-Harvesting

Maximizing production through optimal utilization of technology, resources and agricultural business models suited to the given agro-climatic and socio-economic contexts.

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Educational Facilities

Upgrading and improving educational  facilities and open spaces to create effective learning environments for  students and improving their learning process.

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The Streets

Green Energy

Launching greener lives through guaranteeing greener energy in partnership with Innovative Green Technologies (IGT)

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